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Maple Leaf Ashtray

Maple Leaf Ashtray

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This Maple Leaf Ashtray is a Must-Have for Everyday Smokers and is made from High-Quality Epoxy, ensuring it's long-lasting and durable. Allowing you to puff away in style, The perfect addition to any smoking station. a great gift for any smoker or collector. Make your next smoke break a leafy one with our Maple Leaf Ashtray!

Prices Start at $20 for a 1-2 Colored Custom Leaf Shaped Ashtray

3 Or More Colors +$3

Most Used Accessories

Lights(Any Colors) +$5

Any Color Glow In The Dark +$1

More Accessories Shown on Homepage

(Please Contact me via Email, Messenger, or Text Before Checking Out to Discuss & Provide All Details & Accessories You’d Like to Use for Your Overall Design to Ensure You get Exactly What You Want! And if Any of Your Accessories Cost Extra, You’ll Leave it in the Tip Section when Checking Out!)

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